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Airsoft Rules



Game Rules:

The basic principle of Airsoft is simple, shoot the opposing team, if you hit them with a BB then they are out of the game.

BB’s don’t leave any kind of mark, therefore the whole game works around an “honour system” you have to be honest and leave if you see or feel a hit.

Each game lasts anywhere between 10 minutes to half an hour depending on the “mission” you are set. Some games last longer, some are a little shorter.

Safety Rules:

1. Always keep your eye protection on whist in the “game zone” areas. You may only take your eye protection off once you are in the “safe area” or “HQ”

2. No open toed footwear allowed, we recommend strong boots with ankle support as the ground is uneven.

3. Always listen to the marshals / instructors, they are here for your safety, to make sure everyone is following the rules, and to make the day enjoyable.

4. Be honest, always leave the game if you have been hit.

5. Violence and swearing are unacceptable, anyone found to be swearing or behaving in a threatening or abusive manner may be asked to leave.

6. Blind firing is not allowed, you must always look where you are firing.

7. All participants must be 12+ years old.

9. Only CE approved pyrotechnics sold by Bristol Activity Centre T/A Black Ops Airsoft, should be used at our venue.

10. Participants suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave, and are not permitted at our venue,




We run “Airsoft walk-ons for people with their own Airsoft guns and equipment.

This is called “Black Ops Airsoft”

“Walk-on Days” run every single Sunday, and some Saturdays at our Portishead venue!