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Frequently Asked Questions

On our sites we employ experienced marshals for each activity we provide. They are there to make sure your day is safe and runs smoothly to sort out any problems, and to answer your questions.

Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before the specified start time of your session.

No! We have sheltered safe areas all around the site, and curiously, we’ve found that people seem to enjoy playing in the rain and mud!

Generally we have activities running every Saturday and Sunday, so an individual or small group can come and join in with a session. We can take large groups of 250+ people per day across multiple activities, generally we split groups down so that there is a suitable staff to participant ratio.

Where group numbers fall below the minimum group sizes stipulated below, Bristol Activity Centre Ltd have the right to use their discretion and request payment based on the minimum group size rather than actual participant numbers booked.
Paintball: 12
Low Impact paintball: 8
Airsoft: 8
Archery: 4
Axe & Knife throwing: 4
Crossbows: 4
Quad Biking: 4
Bubble Football: 8
Airguns: 4
Battle Archery: 8

Where possible we try to merge groups together to meet the minimum number requirements, we do not run private sessions unless specified in writing.

No we do not provide tank and/or military vehicle driving experiences. Any video or photographic footage displayed on this, or any of our other websites or social networks, showing our staff or customers taking part in driving our military vehicles. Were taken during a special event – and with special arrangement in advance.

Minimum Ages

Minimum Player Age
Standard Paintball*
12 years +
Bubble Football*
16 years +
Low Impact Paintball*
8 years +
12 years +
Quad Biking
18 years +
Clay Pigeon Shooting*
16 years +
12 years +
Battlezone Archery*
12 years +
Air Rifles*
10 years+
Axe, Tomahawk & Knife Throwing*
12 years +

* Any participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Our standard paintball games last about 10 minutes each. We have a game briefing before each game that takes a couple of minutes. After each game we have a quick break to grab a drink and wipe off any paintball splats. We play a minimum of 12 games for a whole day session, or a minimum of 6 games for a half day session.

Groups are always split into 2 teams, unless it’s a group of 3 people or less. We do this because over the years we’ve found that keeping a group together, and putting them all on one team creates an “us and them” scenario. At times, this can cause bad feeling between different groups.

Also some groups have people who are more experienced at playing paintball than others. So for example, if we put a group of 5 inexperienced paintballers against a group of 5 regular players! The inexperienced groups team will be beaten all day long by the experienced groups team – ruining everyones fun.

But the main reason for splitting a single group into different teams is… If you’re not coming paintballing to shoot paint at your mates, family, the birthday boy, or your stag. Then why have you chosen to come paintballing? Shooting people you know is by far the most enjoyable thing about paintballing!

A U.S statistic has found that you are more likely to become a casualty playing a round of golf than playing paintball for a day. Injuries in paintball tend to be more like sprains and bruises.

Yes! The paint washes out of the hundreds of pairs of overalls we use every week – thankfully.

Airsoft FAQs

Airsoft is not designed to hurt at all, in fact sometimes you won’t even feel that you have been shot!
At worst you will only feel a sting from a small plastic ball bullet (BB).

If you are organising your own group for a Midweek or Saturday game, you will need a minimum of 10 players. (Please note that individual players can come on ‘Walk-On Event’ days and don’t have to be part of a group.)

Our “rental packages” include BB’s.

However if you are coming to an “own gunner day”you can bring your own BBs. Both bio and non bio types are allowed at our venues. You can also purchase your BBs from us in various weights.

Yes we do.

We usually offer a couple of walk-on event game days each month for individual players to take part in. Please check out our website news, or contact us directly for walk-on dates.

No we do not provide tank and/or military vehicle driving experiences. Any video or photographic footage of our staff or customers taking part in these military driving activities, were taken during a special event, and with special arrangement in advance.

Air Rifles FAQs

As of yet we don’t have a membership scheme in place, but it is something we plan on introducing in the future.

The minimum age to shoot is 10 years old. People under the age of 18 attending the Club will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

No, beginners are welcome.

All new members, including those who have shot before, are assessed for their abilities and skill level to ensure they are able to shoot safely. We offer tuition and supervision for new shooters.

We have disabled access for wheelchair users.

We have hire equipment available to rent for the session.