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The terms and conditions below apply to all events booked through Bristol Activity Centre Ltd. In these terms and conditions we and us means Bristol Activity Centre Ltd You means the Person who has placed the booking either for yourself or on behalf another person with Bristol Activity Centre Ltd. You must be aware that on placing the booking you / they are agreeing to comply with these terms & conditions and on behalf of every member of their group. If the booking is placed on behalf of a limited company you means the Agent operating on behalf of the company. Event means all aspects of an activity booking with Bristol Activity Centre Ltd be it active, social or relaxation. Events booked by telephone are still bound by Bristol Activity Centre Limiteds Terms and Conditions.


Any booking will not be deemed as confirmed until full payment has been cleared into our account on or7 days prior to the event date, and written confirmation has been sent by us.


Provisional bookings are bookings taken without payment.

Provisional bookings are accepted only as notice of intention to book and will be automatically cancelled either:-

1. 7 days after the initial provisional booking was made.
2. 7 days before the event.
3. The date arranged between Bristol Activity Centre and yourself and confirmed by us.

For large group bookings specifically in peak periods where multiple event slots are being held we reserve the right to ask you at any time to check on your latest confirmed group numbers, in order for us to release event slots that will no longer be required

Bookings are held with a £10 per person non-refundable deposit, which will be used as payment towards the final balance of the booking.

Partially paid bookings will be cancelled if full payment is not cleared into our account at least 7 days prior to the event date, any partially paid bookings will be refunded minus the £10 deposit per person per activity.


1.1 For booking agencies: Any booking or quotation will not be deemed as confirmed until such time as written confirmation along with a purchase order (if relevant) has been acknowledged as received by us.

1.2 For all events 100 percent of the amount due as stated on the provisional reservation is to be cleared into our account on or before the due date stated on the provisional reservation.

1.3 Where group numbers fall below the minimum group sizes stipulated on the Bristol Activity Centre web site, Bristol Activity Centre Ltd have the right to use their discretion and request payment based on the minimum group size rather than actual participant numbers booked.

1.4 For large group bookings specifically in peak periods where multiple event slots are being held we reserve the right to ask you at any time to check on your latest confirmed group numbers in order for us to release event slots that will no longer be required.

1.5 No cheque payments will be accepted on-site. We do accept cash and debit / credit card.

1.6 In the rare instance that you have a booking that you are due to pay in full on the day, or to be invoiced in full for large groups of 20 or more people such as school, youth groups and corporate parties, that don’t cancel in formal writing to info@bristolactivitycentre.com within 72 hours in advance of the event date will be liable to pay in full.

1.7 If payment is not received by the due date, Bristol Activity Centre Ltd reserves the right to charge interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1998 at 8 percent over the Bank of England base rate, together with the additional charge of £40 per invoice. We may also assign your debts to a third party debt collection agency.

1.8 Additional participants can be added to the booking at a later date if required up to 24 hours before activity date, subject to availability & office opening hours.


In order to provide the very best service to all of our clients the following cancellation policy applies.

2.1 Cancellations by You:

2.1.1 We must be notified in writing of any cancellations or changes to an event booking immediately by the event organiser. The cancellation is only deemed accepted by us when you received written confirmation back from us acknowledging the cancellation. Cancellations will only be accepted during open office hours:

Monday-Friday: 9.00-17.30
Saturday: 9.00-16.00

2.1.2 On receipt of your written cancellation or changes the following charges will apply subject to how much notice has been given:

29+ Days Notice- Cancellations accepted 29 days or more before the event will be offered a credit note or refunded – minus a one-off administration charge of £10 per booking.

28 Days or Less notice: Any cancellations accepted with 28 or less days notice prior to the event will be issued with a credit note that is valid for 12 months

14 Days or less notice: Any cancellations accepted with 14 or less days prior to the event the £10 deposit (per person) payment is lost, but the remaining event balance will be issued in the form of a credit note. Cancelations with 24 hours or less notice: Participants who cancel 24 hours prior to the event, or do not attend on the day will be deemed to have cancelled without notice, and no refund, credit note or postponement will be offered.

24 Hour cooling off period: Bookings made less than 7 days before the date of event have a cooling off period of 24 hours after the time of booking. Any cancellations made during the 24 hour period the £10 deposit (per person) payment is lost but the event balance is not. The cooling off period does not apply to last minute bookings made less than 24 hours before the event, any cancellations on the day of the event will be dealt with in accordance with provisions elsewhere in these terms and conditions.

2.2 Credit notes & Gift Vouchers

2.21 Once issued credit notes and gift vouchers are non-transferable for cash or a refund, and will be valid until 12 months from issue unless otherwise stated. Gift vouchers expiry dates can not be extended.

2.22 Any future booking made where a credit note or gift voucher has been redeemed will be refunded via another credit note in accordance with the cancelation policy above.

2.23 All credit notes will be limited to a maximum amount equal to what you have paid us. No claims for additional costs or inconvenience will be considered. If you are offered an alternative date, event or product and you accept, no additional refund or compensation will be considered.

2.3 Cancellation or amendments by us or forced government closure.

2.31 We reserve the right to cancel, terminate or switch the event if a change in group size makes it impractical or uneconomical for the event to run.

2.32 We reserve the right to cancel, terminate or switch to an alternative activity if for any reason preceding or during any part of the event the customers safety is threatened, including adverse weather conditions.

2.33 If cancellation occurs we will make every effort to reschedule the event to another date. However due to the fact that the Activity Centre is located outdoors, we are not obliged to give any refunds in cases of adverse weather conditions as alternative dates will always be offered.

2.34 Refunds will not apply in the following circumstances; war or threat of war, forced government closure, riots, civil unrest, terrorism, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, technical problems or any other occurrence beyond our control. In these circumstances we will offer a credit note, or alternative booking dates will be provided.

2.35 All bookings are subject to availability. If your first date is unavailable, a new alternative date will be offered. Please book early to guarantee the date you are looking for.

2.4 Errors – Please note we are unable to accept liability for any errors resulting from data which you have entered incorrectly online when making a booking.

2.5 Rule and Regulations

2.51 All participants must abide by the rules and regulations specified on the customer waiver form that all customers must read and sign before any activities take place. It is the responsibility of the person signing the waiver form to inform us of any pre-existing medical condition. We do not cater for anybody with any special dietary requirements or allergies to food.

2.52 We will not be held responsible for any failure to disclose information that is required for the wellbeing of any customer. We cannot give consent for any person with a medical condition to participate, this is the responsibility of the individual named on the waiver form.

2.53 All participants must obey the directions and safety instructions of all Bristol Activity Centre staff.

2.54 We reserve the right to exclude anyone deemed to be under age, unfit to play because of physical or mental impairment, under the influence of illegal and prescription drugs or alcohol, aggressive and or abusive or considered to be a danger to themselves or others.

2.6 Weather

As with all outdoor events, we cannot predict the weather and on rare occasions your booking is cancelled by us due to bad weather or other circumstances beyond our controls your booking will be rescheduled to a mutually convenient date up to 3 months from the date of your original booking or a credit note can be requested.

Unless we contact you to inform you that the site is closed due to bad weather or other circumstances beyond our control your activity session will take place. If you choose not to play when we are open, you will be deemed to have cancelled your booking without notice, and as per our cancellation policy you shall forfeit any right to a refund, credit note or any paintballs pre-purchased. If in doubt call the booking office to check.

2.7 Organiser Discounts

Organiser group discounts and free places that are applied at the time of booking, and are dependent on bringing a minimum group size on the day of the activity. If the group size falls below the agreed minimum group size to receive the free place, your group discount/free place will be re-assessed.

2.8 Late Arrival Policy

Because all events run to a strict timetable we ask that you inform all your guests to be with us a minimum of 10 minutes before event start time unless otherwise stated.

Late arrival might result in one of the following – reduction of time on event, total loss of event or an incurred charge to cover additional staffing costs caused by events running over.

Where an event time is reduced or the event is lost due to late arrival, no refunds will be due.

2.9 Complaints

Bristol Activity Centre Ltd shall only acknowledge receipt of and / or act on complaints received within 14 days of the event date.

The details of the complaint must be received in writing / via email and be made by You the Agent and not the individual customer / participant or any third party.


Where group numbers fall below the minimum group sizes stipulated below, Bristol Activity Centre Ltd have the right to use their discretion and request payment based on the minimum group size rather than actual participant numbers booked.

Paintball: 12
Low Impact paintball: 8
Airsoft: 8
Archery: 4
Axe & Knife throwing: 4
Crossbows: 4
Quad Biking: 4
Bubble Football: 8
Battle Archery: 8

Where possible we try to merge groups together to meet the minimum number requirements, we do not run private sessions unless specified in writing.


All of our events carry an element of risk and we strongly advise you recommend your clients to take personal accident cover. If you / the client choose not to take such cover we assume you are happy to take the risk of being uninsured.

If the activity is being organised by an employer it is their responsibility to ensure that they have made all relevant checks relating to the event with the company’s insurers and that if required have requested and received copies of any documentation to comply with any requirements laid down by their insurer to enable the participation of the attendees.

Bristol Activity Centre Ltd will only accept liability if a failure in their duty of care results in injury or death but only to the extent that is obliged to under English Law.

Bristol Activity Centre Ltd shall not be liable for any injury, death, loss or damage caused by another participant, nor will it be liable for any uninsured losses of your property, nor for any illness.