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What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a military simulation sporting game similar to Paintball.


Airsoft guns are almost always replicas of real firearms. They are typically powered by rechargeable batteries, and on average a single charge will last for a full day’s play.

They fire small plastic balls (Ball Bullets) at relatively low velocities of no more than 350 feet per second (fps) for Automatic Electric Guns (AEG’s) and 450fps for single shot sniper rifles. Some guns can reach a range of up to 40 metres and are capable of firing up to 600 BB’s a minute.

I’ve been Shot!

BB’s do not leave identifiable marks on a player like paintballs do. It’s comparable to being pinched, and doesn’t leave a permanent mark. Because of this, a player honour system is used during gameplay. Typically Airsoft players call out “hit” to indicate that they’ve been shot, before retiring from the battle field or playing dead. Our marshals are always on hand to adjudicate and uphold fair sportsmanship if required.

Game Scenarios

Games are based in our multiple game zones and incorporate many challenging scenarios and objectives to attack and defend.


Face masks or goggles must worn during gameplay to protect your eyes. Under 18’s are required by law to wear full face masks.

Be aware that in some rare cases, Airsoft BB’s have been known to damage teeth and cause injury to thin skin on the face! Please be aware that wearing only goggles when permitted, is done so at your own risk!

If you are unsure about any aspect of safety, either before your booked game day, or prior to a game at our site. Please do not hesitate to ask one of our Marshals, or contact us via our enquiry form or telephone number for more information.

We Are Registered!

Bristol Activity Centre [Black Ops Cribbs] is a registered game site of the United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association (UKARA).


Multiple Activities

Multiple Activities with Bristol Activity Centre

You can combine this activity with a session of any one of our other exciting activities such as Paintball, Quad Biking or Clay Pigeon Shooting for only a combined price of ONLY £55 per person! Or, if you’re feeling really enthusiastic and energetic! You could combine this activity with TWO others for the fantastic price of ONLY £75 per person!

Call us on the number below if you would like to organise a custom “Multi-Activity” day with us at Bristol Activity Centre. Please Click Here to view the variety of activity combinations that are available.

CALL US ON: 0117 935 33 00