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Junior Groups


(8-16 YEARS)


Bristol Activity Centre offers a whole load of exciting activities for young people from the age of eight and over such as;

Archery 12+ Year olds
Axe and Knife throwing 12+ Year olds
Airsoft 10+ year olds
Low Impact Paintball 8-11 Year olds
Standard Paintball 11+ Year olds
Battle Archery 12+ year olds

Our venue is fully insured, risk assessed, and all activities are instructed by our fully trained and experienced instructors.


Although there are several activities on offer for juniors, Paintball is perfect for Birthday parties, who doesn’t want to shoot their mates and cover them in paint?

Our activities are a unique way to celebrate your birthday that you will never forget!

Why not take advantage of our Paintball or Airsoft “party packages” for 8+ year olds which include food and everything you need for the perfect celebration.

Where possible we have a “dedicated party area” putting up balloons and banners etc, and we are happy to help hide your surprise birthday cake!

Check out our Paintball Party Invites for you to print off and use to invite your friends…

Paintball Party Packages (8-11 year olds)

Paintball FAQ

We supply all standard equipment, and all-in-one coveralls for the children to wear over the top of their own clothing.

We also supply as standard, full-head Paintball goggles that are fitted and checked by our staff to ensure that they fit correctly and safely, and are comfortable to wear.

All participants will need to be wearing suitable footwear, like walking boots – and perhaps a good pair of gloves. Something optional we offer additionally is hire armoured Paintball gloves for £2 per person, or they can also be purchased from our on-site shop for £5 a pair to keep.

We would also suggest that bringing a change of clothing might be a good idea.

As well as our fantastic ‘Meal Deal’ offer, which can be purchased as an optional extra on all of our packages. We also offer a wide range of food and drinks from our on-site shop. Information about our ‘Meal Deal’ offer and additional menu listing – with pricing – can be found on our

Ideal for school outings and activity days, Bristol Activity Centre has specially designed game scenarios for 8+ year olds (Low Impact Paintball) and 12+ year olds (Paintball).

Call us to find out more about our “Educational Group Discount”

Players will be totally supervised as they are put through their paces and experience the excitement and team building Paintball provides.

An informative safety briefing and game advice is always given before the action commences. Games are designed to develop teamwork, communication skills and leadership qualities in an entertaining, exciting and fun atmosphere.

Furthermore, an activity day with Bristol Activity Centre forges closer relationships between students and staff, as groups and parties are our speciality.

Paintball and Low Impact Paintball are both physically demanding and require a certain level physical ability.

While we always welcome players with disability. Both the player(s) and their parents or guardians need to be aware of the nature of Paintball and the terrain that we play on. And therefore make a subsequent assessment of their ability to safely enjoy the activity they wish to pursue, based upon their own physical ability and overall disability.

Although Paintball and Low Impact Paintball are not inherently dangerous! Bristol Activity Centre takes safety very seriously, and we have a first class safety record. Parents often comment that we take safety more seriously than many other Paintball providers.

All participants receive a safety briefing for each activity they participate in – whether Paintball and/or Low Impact Paintball etc. This way we can be certain that young participants especially, are clear on how to stay safe, and how to keep their friends safe too.

Players will then be divided into teams, with different coloured wrist bands and gun colour. When everyone is ready, a senior staff member will then explain how to use the equipment. And then the battles shall commence – with all games fully supervised by our trained instructors.


Please ensure that there is at least one responsible adult in attendance to ensure that all the children participating have understood our pre-activity safety briefing, and to ensure that they are booked in.

Once this is done, the group can then be left in the capable hands of our staff until the end of the session. Although we do recommend that at least 1 or 2 responsible adults remain at the centre whilst the children play.

We just wanted to thank you for an excellent day.

the thought of taking 200 students paintballing was a bit daunting.
Your efficient organisation of activities and food and your wonderful staff,
we had a really good day and felt safe and secure at all times.

Joe Flavin and Kathryn Mackay. (Teachers at Redland Green School)