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2013 Walk-on Events Calendar

Here is our 2013 walk-on events calendar for experienced paintball players.

We run our walk-on events on the first Sunday of every month and we tend to alternate between our two local venues at Portishead and Cribbs Causeway, Bristol.

Event Date Event Venue Event Notes
3rd February 2013 Cribbs Causeway
3rd March 2013 Portishead
7th April 2013 Portishead
27th-28th April 2013 Cribbs Causeway Two Day Event
5th May 2013 Portishead
2nd June 2013 Cribbs Causeway
7th July 2013 Portishead
4th August 2013 Cribbs Causeway
25th August 2013 Cribbs Causeway “Big Game” Details TBA
1st September 2013 Portishead
6th October 2013 Cribbs Causeway
3rd November 2013 Portishead
1st December 2013 Cribbs Causeway
29th December 2013 Portishead Christmas “Big Game” Details TBA

Please note that these dates are provisional, and may change due to unforeseen circumstances in the future. Please always check with us directly prior to booking any event.