Player Equipment

Low Impact Paintball


Our Goggles have full face and ear protection. They are strong, lightweight, and are cleaned and sprayed daily with an anti-fog agent.


The gun is slightly smaller than normal, with an air bottle that’s only 1/4 the size of a standard paintball gun.

Armoured Gloves

Gloves are available for purchase or rental, and are covered in a hard casing for extra protection.

Body Armour

Our Body Armour is included – but optional. It includes full torso front and back padding.

Camouflage Overalls

Freshly laundered and available in a whole range of sizes. Protection for your clothes and for helping you to blend into the scenery.

Ambush Hood

The protective ambush hood covers your whole head, and comes with forehead, ear and throat padding.

Ammo Belt

Ammo belts vary for each venue, but most allow you to carry an extra 400 paintballs in the field.