Frequent Questions

This page details the answers to some commonly asked questions about our packages and services. If you cannot find the answer to your specific question, please feel free to contact us directly.

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Q: Are there people on-site to assist us?

A: On our sites we employ experienced marshals for each activity we provide. They are there to make sure your day is safe and runs smoothly to sort out any problems, and to answer your questions.

Q: What time should I arrive?

A: Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before the specified start time of your session.

Q: Will the day be cancelled due to it raining?

A: No! We have sheltered safe areas all around the site, and curiously, we've found that people seem to enjoy playing in the rain and mud!

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of people?

A: Generally we have paintball sessions running every Saturday and Sunday, so even a single player can come and join in with a session. We can take up to a maximum of 250 players per day, although we try to split the groups into a maximum of 50 players per group, which we then split into 2 teams of 25 people.

On weekdays we need a minimum of 12 players on one of our "Standard" Paintball packages to run a paintball session. Or 10 players to run a session for our Low Impact Paintball.

For our Quad Biking and Clay Pigeon Shooting, there is no minimum number of participants on a "Weekend". But there is a minimum number of six participants on a "Weekday".
We can take a maximum of 60 Clay Pigeon Shooters, and a maximum of 35 Quad Bikers per day.

Activity Maximum Group Size Minimum Group Size
Standard Paintball 250 Players 12 Players*
Bubble Football 250 Players 6 Players
Low Impact Paintball 250 Players 8 Players
Clay Pigeon Shooting 60 Shooters Weekend: No Minimum. Weekday: Minimum 6 people
Quad Biking 35 Bikers Weekend: No Minimum. Weekday: Minimum 6 people
Archery 35 People 6 People
Battlezone Archery 35 People 6 People
Axe, Tomahawk & Knife Throwing 35 People 6 People
* Single players welcome on weekend sessions.
Q: Do you provide tank and/or military vehicle driving experiences?

A: No we do not provide tank and/or military vehicle driving experiences. Any video or photographic footage displayed on this, or any of our other websites or social networks, showing our staff or customers taking part in driving our military vehicles. Were taken during a special event - and with special arrangement in advance.

Q: What are the minimum ages for your activities?

A: Please view the table below for the minimum ages of each of our activities...

Activity Minimum Player Age
Standard Paintball* 12 years +
Bubble Football* 16 years +
Low Impact Paintball* 8 years +
Airsoft* 12 years +
Quad Biking 18 years +
Clay Pigeon Shooting* 16 years +
Archery* 12 years +
Battlezone Archery* 12 years +
Axe, Tomahawk & Knife Throwing* 12 years +
* Any participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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